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Adele has attracted a diverse, cross-generational, international legion of fans. While it was teenage girls who first clicked onto the singer via channels such as Myspace, their mothers soon grew to love her too.

The star has often paid tribute to her loyal fanbase, particularly for accepting her as she is. ‘To all the fans,’ she trilled at the BRITS, ‘no one’s made me feel like I’ve had to be any different.’ She has said it gives her a ‘boost’ that people dig her music and ‘also seem to like me’, yet she admits being in the spotlight has made her feel as though a ‘boundary’ has been crossed.

Having photographers hanging around outside her house for hours is not her idea of fun. Until she moved into her own flat in Notting Hill in November 2008, Adele still lived with her mother in South London. It was just as well Adele’s mother later sold the place, as the ‘dodgy’ front door had led to Adele’s most ardent fans actually climbing up onto her roof terrace.

‘I am not moaning about it because it comes with the job, but I can’t go back to my London house because the press are always there.’

The Daydreamers

Adele is part of the social media generation and is perfectly at ease with it. Originally, she got noticed through Myspace, which she joined in 2004. She has said she loves blogging, and entries on her official website as well as her Twitter posts would appear to reflect this and to be the genuine work of the singer herself, rather than her promo team. By October 2016, Adele had over 27,200,000 Twitter followers. Meanwhile, her free mobile application had been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of fans. The app allows them to keep up with all her Tweets, blog posts and news while allowing them to post their own photos and comments too. Adele’s die-hard online followers recently dubbed themselves ‘the Daydreamers’ – a term that has since caught on, being used in the media and by the singer herself.

Loved By All

It seems other celebrities can’t get enough of the London lass either. Rapper Kanye West was an early convert and posted the video of ‘Chasing Pavements’ on his blog with the comment ‘this s**t is dope’. Hollywood superstar Julia Roberts wrote a column in which she sang Adele’s praises; Britney Spears has spoken of her ‘love’ of the star’ while pop institution Kylie, who presented Adele with her BRIT Award for Best Female Artist in 2012, enthused about the singer on the red carpet. ‘I love Adele,’ Kylie said, going on to praise the younger singer’s voice, ‘humanity’ and dirty jokes. ‘I just think she’s fantastic.’ Celeb blogger Perez Hilton is another in complete awe and, after the singer’s 2012 Grammys performance, noted in his blog: ‘Seriously, how can one person have so much talent!! It’s like whenever she sings,...

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Source: Adele: Songbird, by Alice Hudson


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