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Alternative-rock guitarist Dave Navarro (b. 1967) was born in Santa Monica, California. After hearing Jimi Hendrix, Navarro began playing guitar at the age of seven and was in various bands in school.

In 1986, he joined Jane’s Addiction on the recommendation of drummer Stephen Perkins, a childhood friend. Inspired by The Velvet Underground, Joy Division, The Doors, PiL and Faith No More, the band quickly gained a following in Los Angeles and released their first album, Jane’s Addiction (1987), independently.

A live set with copious studio overdubs, the album was an unpredictable mix of folk, rock, funk and new wave, punctuated by Navarro’s unusual, angular guitar. Their second album for Warner Brothers, Ritual De Lo Habitual (1990), provided their breakthrough and is regarded as the band’s masterpiece. It extends Jane’s Addiction’s musical palette to progressive rock with Eastern influences creeping in. Navarro’s solo on ‘Three Days’ is one of his finest. After the trail-blazing Lollapalooza tour in 1991, which was organized by singer Perry Farrell and put alternative rock into large arenas for the first time, Jane’s Addiction split up.

Navarro formed Deconstruction, whose sole album Deconstruction (1994) is now considered a cult classic, before joining the Red Hot Chili Peppers, making his live debut at the 1994 Woodstock Festival. After one album, One Hot Minute (1995), Navarro was dismissed in 1998 due to creative differences, as he was uneasy with the band’s improvisational style. Navarro participated in a Jane’s Addiction reunion tour in 1997, and the band reunited again in 2001 for an album and tour, disbanding again in 2004. In between, Navarro worked with artists as diverse as Marilyn Manson and Christina Aguilera. Following the demise of Jane’s Addiction, he was co-host of MTV’s reality show ‘Rock Star’ and put together a new band, The Panic Channel. In recent years, Navarro has worked on many projects with artists such as DJ Skribble and Billy Corgan, as well as the reformed Jane’s Addiction, who released a new album, The Great Escape Artist, in 2011. Navarro also broadcasts an internet radio show called Dark Matter.

From Jane’s Addiction days, Navarro has played PRS guitars, notably his signature model. While a member of the Chili Peppers, he used Fender Stratocasters and has also played Telecasters and a Gibson Les Paul.

Essential Recordings

Jane’s Addiction: Jane’s Addiction

Jane’s Addiction: Ritual De Lo Habitual

Deconstruction: Deconstruction

Red Hot Chili Peppers: One Hot Minute

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